The cocktail of knowledge, experience & insight

PEZY is an design and engineering firm specializing in creating ingenious products. We are your product innovation partner for rapid market validation. With our multidisciplinary knowledge, the latest technology, testing facilities, and a vast network of expertise, we materialize product ideas in a fast, flexible, and reliable manner.

We employ an agile approach, where iterative development processes lead to rapid validation, learning, and improved speed of product development. We produce first-class smart products, manufacture small production runs when desired, and support our clients in production and market introduction. Together, we bridge the gap between product ideas and (mass) production.

Valuable Experience

PEZY thrives on solving complex challenges. In our projects spanning consumer products, industrial products, health technology, care, and consumer packaged goods, we help our clients develop demonstrators, product design, and small production runs. Co-creating with our clients always results in fresh ideas and insights. Our strength lies in creating concepts, prototypes, and products that are feasible, viable, and useful. Moreover, these collaborations generate data or even solve societal challenges. Our specialty lies in our roots: designers and engineers who combine technical feasibility with inventiveness, product experience, and design.