We are PEZY, and we assist individuals and organizations with great ideas to successfully bring them to the market. For this, we have literally everything in-house: the expertise, the approach, the knowledge of laws and regulations, and the tools to make it tangible.

The process from idea to a successful market-ready product consists of multiple steps. You can choose where to step in or out. What do you need to move forward? We have outlined the PEZY approach in steps. Feel free to contact us for more information and a personal introduction.


At PEZY, we believe that effective project management is an essential component of every project. Before we begin, we work together with our clients to define important factors such as budget, time, constraints, and scope. Our specialty lies in monitoring and ensuring adherence to these parameters, ensuring that the client remains involved and satisfied throughout the process. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure an effective delivery of the project, with the right quality at the agreed-upon time.


In our development approach, we thoroughly delve into the background of the project to understand the needs and objectives of the client and to comprehend the market and competitive environment. Through this exploration, we lay the foundations for an effective design approach that aligns perfectly with the expectations of our clients and the needs of the end-users.


In the design phase, we embark on a journey of exploration through sketches, brainstorming sessions, and mind maps. Here, we allow our creativity to flow freely as we explore different ideas and directions. Our approach is not only focused on finding functional and visually appealing solutions but also on discovering new possibilities that surprise our clients. Often, this involves creating “new to the world” products or introducing new features to existing products.


Once the concept is established, the next step is to further develop and refine the ideas. We enter a realm of creativity and innovation, embracing a unique approach called Design Thinking. We actively involve users in the design process, identifying problem areas, exploring solution directions, generating ideas, and developing physical and digital prototype models. This ensures that the solutions we create are not only functional and visually appealing but also aligned with the needs of our clients.


Once the concept has been further developed, we proceed to its technical implementation. At this stage, the focus shifts from design to technical execution. Our goal is to bring our designs to life using advanced technologies and expertise. We ensure that our concepts are transformed into practical and technically feasible solutions. Through precise engineering, we strive to achieve a perfect balance between form, function, and materials, resulting in high-quality and sustainable products. Manufacturability for mass production is often a key consideration. In a technical design by PEZY, this aspect is always guaranteed.


Welcome to the prototyping phase! We now proceed to create various prototypes – sometimes functional and basic, sometimes more refined – but always with the same goal: to learn more about our design. Each prototype brings us one step closer to the desired end result. With this phase, we conclude the process of materialization and prepare ourselves to validate the design with the appropriate production techniques for full-scale production.


It’s time to validate, test, and see if our work meets expectations. PEZY excels in this phase thanks to our own PEZY Plastics Factory, which enables us to rapidly conduct product validation in-house. We investigate, experiment, and make adjustments, all to ensure that our end product is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and that mass production runs smoothly.


PEZY continuously invests in production facilities and possesses in-house tools and machinery for piloting and small-scale production. We leverage advanced technologies and craftsmanship to manufacture high-quality products. With our ability to adapt flexibly and provide customized solutions, we ensure that our customers can always rely on reliable and timely manufacturing solutions.

Furthermore, we have strategic partnerships with manufacturers specialized in small-scale production. This approach of working with our own facilities and selected partners gives us and our clients control over the process and progress.

Scale up

Now it’s time to move towards mass production. In many cases, our clients take the lead in this phase as they have their chosen production facilities. PEZY acts as a partner in facilitating the transfer of the technical design, tools, and documentation. Optionally, PEZY can also connect clients to mass production facilities, leveraging our PEZY location in Singapore.