New to the world concepts

It’s clear that innovation is crucial in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market (FMCG), given the rapidly evolving consumer demands, short product cycles, and intense competition. The high-speed production processes coupled with changing regulations require specific expertise to develop effective solutions.

With our in-depth knowledge of the entire FMCG production process, we assist brands and private labels in accelerating innovations in enabling products to seize market opportunities. While these enablers may be secondary features of FMCG products, they can significantly impact factors such as marketing success and repeat purchases.

We support clients in the realm of complex, often functional packaging solutions, including dispensing, dosing, refilling, and recharging. The constraints of logistics and production processes, marketing requirements, and seamless consumer usage define the parameters within which we seek solutions. The challenge of finding suitable solutions within these constraints drives us to deliver tailored results. Our extensive expertise in plastics and our PEZY Plastics Factory play a key role in making this possible. Just take a look at some examples for reference.