30 years of ingeniousness

A brilliant idea that can make people’s lives more enjoyable, better, or easier deserves to come to life. So, entrust it to people who can provide the attention and expertise it needs. For the past 30 years, PEZY has collaborated with hundreds of clients to develop ingenious products up to working prototypes and series production. We believe it’s the most beautiful work in the world.

PEZY is a full-service product development agency with a large team of specialists in innovation consultancy, design, engineering, electronics, industrialization, and small-scale production. We bring clarity to complex problems, discover new possibilities, and help realize innovative solutions where technology, user, and design go hand in hand.

This is PEZY

I’m proud to be the founder of this great organization. Our experienced team is capable of achieving extraordinary things. It is composed of the best experts in innovation, design, engineering, prototyping, and a wealth of material and production knowledge. We provide daily support to multinational corporations, startups, and mid-sized companies to successfully bring their products to market.

Curiosity is what binds the people of PEZY together. We enjoy searching for ingenious opportunities to be smarter, faster, and more valuable for and with our clients every day. We strive to make the world a bit more sustainable, beautiful, better, and smarter every day. With our various locations and broad expertise, we work collaboratively to translate ideas into concepts and effectively bring these concepts to tangible solutions.

Henco Pezy, CEO/Founder

From idea to tangible product

Today, PEZY is capable of doing things not everyone can. For example, making molds themselves. This offer is limited in the Netherlands. In the own PEZY Plastics Factory in Groningen, molds are developed and made by highly trained technicians. This enables PEZY to fully control the process from idea to tangible and fully-functional product in series production. Additionally, PEZY is the driving force behind various ventures in the Health Tech & Care market.

PEZY now has three locations in the Netherlands and has had a presence in Singapore since 2012; the team is active in multiple countries worldwide.

Make it work at PEZY

Do you want to push the boundaries in product innovation? We are always on the lookout for talent. Talent that dares to be themselves, is open to new challenges, and inspires and challenges others.

You can find the current job vacancies here. If you don’t see a vacancy that suits you, feel free to send an open application and explain why you belong among the Ingenious Product Developers at PEZY.