Together we create

We work with a wide range of clients, from ambitious start-ups to multinational companies. What all these clients have in common is their desire to further advance their product development. They aim to be market leaders in their segment or tap into new markets.

There are generally three types of clients with whom we successfully collaborate. Generally, they have their own brand and product. Depending on the phase the organization and product development are in, there are different needs that we fulfill for them. We explain the three ideal customer profiles below.


An internationally operating organization is always focused on innovation. The market moves quickly, and customer needs evolve. Product innovation is crucial for gaining and maintaining market share. Business managers, product managers, innovation managers, and R&D managers within these organizations regularly engage in the complex process of bringing a new or significantly improved product to the market based on an idea or market problem. Support from specialists in this field can accelerate and enhance this process.

That’s where PEZY comes in. We deploy our team of innovation consultants, designers, and engineers to collaboratively develop ideas from feasibility studies to tangible, high-quality demonstrators and prototypes, and subsequently prepare them for (mass) production.

This is PEZY for multinationals:

  • 30 years of experience in full-service product development
  • Focus on collaboration and progress: working together towards success
  • Numerous successful international business cases delivered
  • Comprehensive control of the entire process from idea to (mass) production
  • International representation

Medium to large enterprises

Successful product innovation can be a game-changer for a medium-sized organization. It can propel the business forward, strengthen its existing position, or tap into new markets. However, launching a new or significantly improved product is a complex and sometimes risky process. As a business manager, you don’t want to jeopardize your existing business by taking too big of a leap or skipping vital steps.

That’s where PEZY comes in. We understand that the sky is not always the limit, and working efficiently and purposefully together to achieve success is crucial. That’s why we leverage our team of innovation consultants, designers, and engineers to systematically progress from idea to a feasible product. Continual alignment of the process and expectations ensures control over progress and investment. Together, we ensure that this exciting journey leads to excellent results.

This is PEZY for medium to large enterprises:

  • 30 years of experience in product development
  • Maintaining control of the process together with a focus on returns
  • Numerous successful business cases delivered
  • All expertise under one roof, from design to production
  • We think like entrepreneurs

Startups & scale-ups

If you have a fantastic idea that has the potential to make people’s lives easier, better, or more enjoyable, and you want to build a successful business around it, you need the right people by your side to take it forward. You want to entrust it to individuals who can help you progress without wasting time and money.

That’s where PEZY comes in. Throughout our long existence, we have helped numerous startups and scale-ups turn their dreams into reality. When we believe in the potential of an idea, the professionalism of the client, and when it aligns with our own philosophy, we fully commit to it. We understand the importance of involving stakeholders and investors in the development process. We also know that development must be approached with a focus on results and returns. One of the biggest demonstrations of our belief in good ideas is the frequent partnerships we form with startups and scale-ups. As a venture partner, we commit to a collaboration focused on sustainable success.

This is PEZY for startups & scale-ups:

  • Proven track record in startups
  • Partnerships with multiple startups and scale-ups
  • Launched numerous new-to-the-world products
  • All expertise under one roof, from design to production
  • We understand the dynamics and challenges surrounding startups