We know our way in plastics

Many products we develop consist of multiple plastic components, often with complex functionality. In-depth knowledge of materials and their properties, as well as the manufacturability of complex plastic components, is a must. Complex plastics are an absolute expertise of PEZY.

Knowledge and expertise

Plastic components can be made anywhere in the world. However, when it comes to crucial functionality and a critical time to market, we want to be sure that it works before the production process starts in large quantities. Our plastics experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in materials and their properties.

For example, we can calculate and visualize the effect of frequent and prolonged use. But there is another advantage. Thanks to our own tool shop with 3D printers, mold making facilities, injection molding machines, and various testing and finishing tools, we can test and validate with tangible prototypes that fully match the desired end result.

Sustainability in plastics

Plastics are often labeled as non-sustainable and are often associated with the throwaway society. The components we develop and produce are made to last for a long time and/or can be easily recycled. Moreover, we have a lot of knowledge and application examples of biodegradable plastics and plastics made from recycled sources. Depending on the application and desired lifespan, we think about reparability, circularity, and choice of raw material.